A child is generally baptized between the ages of three and ten months. Age, however, is not a barrier to baptism. Please call the church office to request a date for baptism.

A person who wishes to sponsor a candidate for Baptism or Chrismation must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing and a supporting member of an Orthodox parish. A person may not serve as a godparent if his or her marriage has not been blessed by the Church or, if civilly divorced, he or she has not been granted an ecclesiastical divorce or for any other reason he or she is not in communion with the Orthodox Church. Baptisms may not be performed from Christmas Day through the Feast of Theophany (December 25-January 6), during Holy Week, or on any of the Great Feast days of the Lord.


Requirements for Baptism at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church:

Please speak to the parish priest to set the date of the baptism. The secretary may “pencil in” desired dates but the date cannot be finalized without speaking to the parish priest. Parents of the child must confirm the date with the parish priest. This may not be done by the Godparent or relatives. When speaking to the priest, please inform him of the child’s baptismal name. These names are the names of saints in the Orthodox Church.

The Godparent traditionally purchases a new white dress or suit to be worn by the child. In addition to this, the Godparent brings to the church:

A cross

Baptismal Candle (size 15" to 24") 

One white sheet (to wrap the baby in)

One large white towel (to place on top of the sheet)

One small white hand towel

One bar white soap (i.e. Dove or Ivory)

One bottle of olive oil

White undergarment or equivalent

Three white or beeswax candles

Regarding the candles: please bring candles that are appropriate and reflect the dignity of a church service.

 Requirements to Serve as a Godparent

• Must be an Orthodox Christian

• A registered Steward of an Orthodox Parish.

• If married, must be in an Orthodox Church.

• If married in the Orthodox Church and are now divorced, they need to obtain an Ecclesiastical Divorce Decree.

• A parishioner may serve as a sponsor in another Parish by presenting a letter of good standing from his or her home Parish Priest.

The Godparent anoints the child with blessed oil during the ceremony. By participating in the sacrament in this manner, the Godparent is making a pledge to guide and support to their Godchild.

Godparent Customs

• It is customary for the Godparent to bring their Godchild to Holy Communion for three consecutive Sundays after the Baptism. This is done in order to form the habit of frequent communion for the child.

 Scheduling Your Baptism

If you would like to schedule a baptism for your child, please call or email the church office to set your date.  You can also schedule a meeting with Fr. Dean. In order to provide parents with every opportunity to understand the significance of baptizing one's child.  



If you wish to have the Fr. Dean and Presvytera Daisy attend your reception, please send them an invitation in advance.  You can ask the office to provide you with Fr. Dean's address.

Frequently asked Questions:

Naming the Child  If the child was not given a Christian name (a saint's name) one must be selected. The giving of a Christian name establishes a life-long relationship between the child and their saint. Fr. Dean can assist in selecting a name.

 Length of the Baptism the Baptism service is approximately 45 minutes long.


Church Fees

Parishioners not stewards the previous year must become current stewards and provide $400.00 to the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.  A signed pledged form along with payment is required prior to the Baptism.  If you are a member in Good standing at another Orthodox Church, a letter is required from the parish priest and the fee is $200.00.   

Administrative Fees: $100.00 payable to the Annunciation.  Please note that this fee is NOT considered an honorarium for the priest or chanter. A separate honorarium is traditionally offered to these individuals.



• If a chanter is requested, a $50.00 honorarium is requested.

• An honorarium for the priest is customary.